Is CBD Legal?

Due to its claimed ability to naturally treat dozens of chronic illnesses and conditions, demand for Cannabidiol (CBD) has grown at an amazing pace over the past few years as people, doctors, and medical professionals have been made aware of the amazing benefits of this all natural, plant-based product. As the popularity of this hemp-derived compound has become known by the public, many conditions are reported to be positively impacted by the use of CBD.

There are types of CBD medication that are not legal: those that are made from marijuana which contains more than .3% THC - the ingredient in marijuana that can get you 'high' - which does not contribute to the health benefits of medicinal CBD. WildLeaf CBD is made from hemp that has such a low amount of THC that it is not possible to get 'high' from it.

Because hemp has no psychoactive effects, there are no legal problems with it (except in South Dakota). Hemp products are completely legal (except in South Dakota) and used in all types of different industries and for different purposes across America. Marijuana, on the other hand, is not.

Since WildLeafCBD is hemp-derived CBD, it is completely legal. The important part of this equation is "hemp-derived." Because WildLeafCBD comes from industrial hemp grown in the United States it has no psychoactive effects. Therefore, the purchase, sale, or possession of WildLeafCBD products is completely legal in all US states except South Dakota.


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Q: How will I know if CBD is beneficial for me?
  A: Take the recommended dose of cbd oil for 7 days and keep mental or physical notes of differences you notice in your quality of life. If you see a positive difference continue on!

Q: How long should 1 bottle last me?
  A: 30 days

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